RSU1 COVID-19 Response Plan Q&A Page
Will students who have left items at school, like textbooks and notebooks, that they will likely need for learning at home have time to retrieve those things? Also, will students who have chrome books assigned to them that usually stay at school be allowed to bring them home?There will be an open pick-up window tomorrow afternoon, Monday, March 16th, when families can pickup belongings they may have left at school, materials for class, and their Chromeboooks for grades 6-12.
Will their be any work for students over the next two weeks? There will be some elements of distance learning for students in grades 6-12. Staff have been working on these plans and will complete the initial work tomorrow, which will then she shared with families.
How will students with IEPs receive special services?Special education case managers will be checking in with families to figure out the best plans to help student from afar and try to meet needs even with social distancing. Expect to hear from them early this week or email Justin Keleher (jkeleher@rsu1.org) with any questions.
What are future ideas for if the Coronavirus possibly gets worse?We will keep families updated as soon as we know more. Currently we are planning one day at a time as information becomes available from the Maine Department of Education and the CDC
Just a note of appreciation for the efforts RSU 1 is taking. Although very inconvenient, the action is necessary. I hope communication remains as open as it has been so far. As much advance notice of any/decisions as possible is appreciated. Also, maybe some tips on how to discuss this with our kids without fear. Perhaps the guidance counselors and nurses could prepare some guidelines. Again, thank you!The Maine Department of Education has some great resources for talking to students. See here: https://www.maine.gov/doe/covid-19
Will school work that is completed over the next few weeks be graded and counted? Work will be collected. If work is graded, it will be a habits of work grade.
We have a budget of about $10k with the Bath Elementary PTA. Let us know if you need it!!!! Happy to contribute. KarenThank you, Karen! We'll let you know should we need that. You may want to conider reaching out to Tim Harkins (tharkins@rsu1.org) as we will be feeding many families and not getting reimbursed. I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you.
Is RSU1 working with the city of Bath? We all need to see solidarity and consistency with info. We have been working closely from the start with all Bath emergency officials to create a plan together.
I was in China a the height of SARS. I believe that they were able to keep schools open by monitoring student and staff temps. I personally had my temp taken 3 times a day by goverment officials in my hotel room. This probably won't go over well in the US, but it might be something to consider to keep schools open and ease fears. See: https://news.bloomberglaw.com/daily-labor-report/insight-coronavirus-testing-issues-for-employers-reaching-for-thermometerThank you for your feedback and sharing your experience.
Will we be able to borrow leveled readers? Or learning targets shared? (Especially for math)Teachers will be putting together literacy resources for students tomorrow for pick-up during the 1-3 om window. Books will be part of this.
Are students doing online work throughout the 2 weeks?There will be some elements of distance learning for students in grades 6-12. Staff have been working on these plans and will complete the initiial work tomorrow, which will then she shared with families.
Will there be online school?Teachers are preparing online materials and activities for students, with alternatives for students who cannot access the internet. Tomorrow is being devoted to planning, with more details to be sent to families by the end of the day.
Will we have to make up school in the summer? Also will we still have April break?Distance days do not need to be made up.
What time can students pick up their belongings?The times were shared today via a phone message/email. In most buildings it is from 1-3pm Monday.
Will these days have to be made up?Distance days do not need to be made up.
What about the high school for Morse? I’ve gotten the BMS and Fisher Mitchell schools but nothing about the high school other then it’s closed for 2 weeks. Is there a time when they can get their stuff All messages have now gone out.
If we are receiving the school work tomorrow and do it through out the 2 weeks are we going to still have a April break. This is not known yet.
Will my 4th grader bring his laptop home for school work? We have purposefully developed a lower-tech approach with the K-5 grades and do not plan for them to bring their Chromebooks home at this time. We will evaluate that possibility as the situation develops.