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June 4, 2021

The Woolwich Way

Respect • Responsibility • Honesty • Compassion • Courtesy • Quality 


6/9 - Middle School A in-class, (B Enrichment)

6/9 - 6:00pm WCS PTA Meeting

6/11 - 8th Grade Class Night 

6/11 - Last Day of School for Pre-K!

6/14 - 8th Grade Recognition Night (6/15 Rain Date)

6/16 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL K-8! Middle School B in class, (A Enrichment) 


Great things are happening at WCS!

This week our 8th grade students had a chance to visit Morse High School to hear about programs and extracurricular activities during their step-up day. Students got to see the new auditorium and did a great job of representing Woolwich Central School while at MHS.


We will be having our final meeting of the year on June 9th at 6 PM- and it is in person! We will be meeting in the outdoor classroom area at WCS to wrap up the year and vote on our officers for the next school year. We'd love to see you there!


The last day of school for grades K-8 will be Wednesday, 6/16. While there will not be a late start that day, it will be a half day- the schedule for arrival and dismissal will be as follows:

Group A Early Group – 8:15-11:25 

Group B Late Group – 9:00-12:10



What a great year of reading at WCS! In spite of a hybrid schedule and all library books being delivered on carts, our Wildcats still managed to check out and read over 10,000 books. Way to go! However, it’s now that time of year to bring all those library books back. Check outs will continue through Monday, but PLEASE RETURN ALL LIBRARY BOOK ON TUESDAY, JUNE 8TH. Bills will be sent home for any books that have not been returned by the middle of next week. Thank you so much for all your support of our Wildcat readers.



Brown Tail Rash is a toxin associated with short stiff hairs or bristles on the caterpillar of the brown tail moth. The caterpillars are active from May to July, but the dermatitis is most common in June and July when toxins reach their highest concentration in the mature caterpillars. The signs and symptoms of the rash can develop at the time of the exposure OR be delayed for several hours. Severe rashes have developed after contact with clothing which came in contact with the wind blown hairs while being dried outside.  The duration of the rash varies from hours to days. Treatment is focused on relieving symptoms and eliminating exposure.  You may find taking a cool shower and changing clothing that may have come in contact with the brown tail moth hairs helpful. Dry laundry inside during the peak months of June and July.  This synopsis is from the Department of Human Services Disease Control.  ~ Roberta Sherwood, R.N, BSN,MEd


Has your student lost a lunchbox or a sweatshirt? We have a few things in our Lost & Found that have yet to be claimed. All items will be donated at the end of the school year.


 In accordance with School Board policy, the following promotional announcements have been included at the request of the sponsoring organization because they may be of interest to students and their families. These activities are not sponsored by the school, and inclusion of these announcements does not constitute endorsement of the organizations or activities by the school.