Fifth grade had a great trip to the Gulf of Main Research Institute last Friday; here are a few pictures from the visit. Thank you Mrs. Snell and GMRI!
about 23 hours ago, Tammy Doran
boys at fish table
girls at lobster aquarium
girls at sea life view table
boys view barnacles table
Mrs. Tardif writes: "Here are the adorable snowmen 1st graders made on Friday. I hope you have a great week!"
3 days ago, Tammy Doran
Gr 1 Mosaic Paper Snowmen
How lucky are our students? Today at lunch for a special treat, students enjoyed sampling lobster legs! Miss Anna had many eager taste testers.
6 days ago, Tammy Doran
boy sampling lobster leg
girl sampling lobster leg
Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Tardif's First Grade!
14 days ago, Tammy Doran
Class in Turkey hats
A few more photos from the Thanksgiving feast last week. Thank you Mrs. Polizotto for taking them!
17 days ago, Tammy Doran
student and dad
mom and daughter
family at lunch
family at lunch2
Some great photos from yesterday's Thanksgiving feast, thanks to Mrs. Polizotto.
20 days ago, Tammy Doran
RSU1 servers
Pals-2 students
preschooler and mom
Fourth grade participated in a Giant Maine Map Distance in miles activity.
21 days ago, Tammy Doran
Gr 4 students standing on giant map
Gr 4 students standing/sitting on giant map
Here are the Firsties working on using the bossy e to change vowels from short to long! Our spelling and handwriting have really grown!
23 days ago, Tammy Doran
First graders
First Graders spelling
First graders spelling2
Preschoolers on their recent Noble Hill Preserve field trip.
about 1 month ago, Tammy Doran
PK trip
PK FT Noble Hill Preserve
PK FT Noble Hill Preserve2
A couple more kindergartners enjoying a snack at Noble Hill Preserve. We appreciate Miss Megan, the bus driver, who provides transport.
about 1 month ago, Tammy Doran
boys snacking
bus driver and snackers
Kindergartners on a recent field trip to Noble Hill Preserve, taking a snack break.
about 1 month ago, Tammy Doran
snack time
snack time 2
snack time 3
snack time 4
And a few more haunted houses from 3rd grade...
about 1 month ago, Tammy Doran
haunted green house
haunted brown house
red haunted house
blue gray haunted house
Haunted Houses by 3rd Grade!
about 1 month ago, Tammy Doran
dragons haunted house
bat n haunted house
haunted house
friendly haunted house
More colorful mask masterpieces from 5th grade...
about 1 month ago, Tammy Doran
blue green mask
blue n peach mask
blue n yellow mask
Halloween Fun in 5th Grade Art Class
about 1 month ago, Tammy Doran
stacked pumpkins
jack o'lantern pile
another mask
And a few more photos from the Gr. 4&5 trip to Pineland Farm. They visited the Malaga Cemetery and did some orienteering.
about 2 months ago, Tammy Doran
Gr 5 at Pineland
Gr 5 at the Malaga Cemetery
Finding the way
Photos from Gr 5 Pineland Farm field trip
about 2 months ago, Tammy Doran
Gr 5 at Pineland Farm
Mrs. Snell's 5th grade
Malaga Island Memorial
Malaga Cemetery at Pineland Farm
Phippsburg Firefighters visited PES for Fire Prevention this week. Thank you Shana Ferrara, Jason Downing, and Erica Lee!
about 2 months ago, Tammy Doran
Gr1 Fire Prevention
Gr 1 Fire Prevention2
Gr1 in their new toy fire hats
We still managed to have a great art class, despite the power outage October 14th! Thank goodness for classroom windows!
about 2 months ago, Tammy Doran
Gr 1 in art, no electricity
Gr 1 in Art, no electricity-2
Gr 1 in Art, no electricity-3
RSU 1 is still looking for individuals to work with students at all levels as substitute Teachers, Nurses & Educational Technicians. Please visit our news page to learn more.
about 2 months ago, Tammy Doran