Don't forget that, for those who have registered, Chromebook pick day is today from 7:30-9:00am and then from 5:00 to 6:30pm. I appreciate your understanding why I can't be there.
8 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Staying safe at home!
Most school and district events are suspended through April 26th. However, the Meal Closure Plan is still in effect, and there will be board and budget meetings. Stay tuned for details, and thank you for your patience as we work through this time!
9 months ago, Dean Emmerson
How much snow is there in Phippsburg this morning?
9 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
We got about seven inches in Cumberland.
Hopefully it will melt quickly!
Do you need internet access during these times? COVID-19 special offers and discounts are being offered by Comcast - AT&T -!/ US Cellular -
9 months ago, Dean Emmerson
The RSU Tech Dept has created this site to help families and staff with technology resources and questions.
9 months ago, Dean Emmerson
If your RSU1 student in grades K-5 needs a Chromebook for their studies during the school closure, complete this form by Sunday night. Pickup will be scheduled for Monday, March 30th
9 months ago, RSU1 Info
Check out the PES Facebook for some great remote learning pictures. Teachers and families are doing a great job working together to keep students' skills sharp!
9 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Remote Learning update. Thank you for coming out to pick up your child's materials. We had an excellent turnout with almost 90%. I will be in the office tomorrow from 8:30-12:00 if you'd like to pick up a packet.
9 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
In addition to learning materials,supplies and breakfast/lunches were handed out.
Staff did a great job getting things together so quickly.  Don't forget to visit teacher web pages.
Remote learning packets will be ready at 1. Please enter and exit through the GYM door.
9 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Getting ready to grab and go!
Pick up packets in the gym.
This just in..... PES Math Team takes THIRD place at the Southern Maine Elementary Math League meet held today in Portland.
9 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
SAFETY NOTE With the snow melting, sun getting stronger and temperatures rising, the staff and I have noticed that children who are being picked up are not heading straight to vehicles. We think it's wonderful that children are playing outside with friends. However, for safety reasons, I'm asking that parents, grandparents or others who pick up students head out back to our safe and spacious playground. Running around and playing with friends on the front lawn, that is so very close to the road, is extremely dangerous. Again, there are many fun pieces of equipment to use on the playground and even a bench and picnic table for adults who are supervising to sit and visit. Please help us get everyone home safe and sound.
9 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Spontaneously, today we had ponytail day in kindergarten! Next week we're planning "camo" day with the boys.
9 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Ponytail Day!
There is still time to place your Mixed Bag order! Orders can be returned to school until tomorrow. Online orders can be placed anytime!!
9 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Makes a great beach bag! Thanks PTA!!
First grade student emulate Matt's work!
10 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Matt's work....
Our work!
Thanks to the generous sponsorship by our PTA, we were fortunate to have author/illustrator Matt Tavares visit PES today.
10 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Mr. Tavares selected a first grade student as the subject for his baseball drawing.
Everyone from prek to grade 5 shared in the day.
Second and third grade students listen as Matt explains his writing process.
An illustration from his beautiful book Red and Lulu.
We kicked off Bikes for Books today! Bikes for Books is a reading incentive program for k-5 students at PES.
10 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Mr. Lunes from Solar Star Lodge #14 explains Bikes for Books.
Thank you Great Start Volunteers for your help each Wednesday morning during Late Starts.
10 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Arts & Crafts
Keeping busy while teachers are busy learning!
Damian and Dean, from the Tech Dept. help staff learn to you Google Sheets.
Look who caught the biggest fish!
10 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Dick Lemont Fishing Derby
Happy Snow Day! Don't forget that next week is Eat the Rainbow Week at PES. Miss Anna has lots of special surprises in store.
10 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Shopping is done!
Today during our LSW the staff surprised Mrs. Woodbury with a baby shower!
10 months ago, Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer
Check out the diaper cake Mrs. Baldwin made!